Tuesday, March 31, 2020
21 Day Devotional

All Things New


I heard the Spirit of Truth (who is Holy Spirit) say...

“I am He that gives and takes away. I am restoring the innocence of my people and I am taking away many strong desires that war against the spirit. I am refining character and restoring childlike faith. I make all things new, I will restore you. I will restore you to what we had before the foundations of the earth. You are free indeed. I do not lie.

Those who are bound in bitterness and offense, I am melting hearts like wax with my love. For those bound by wicked desires, I’m giving you the desires of my own heart for the pursuit of holiness. For those who are scared by injustice, I am healing deep, deep wounds and YES, you are made whole. For those who are anxious, I am increasing the peace. For those who are heavy hearted, I am bringing you into my rest. For those who are weak, I’m giving strength. These are my promises and I will not have not, failed. I do not lie.

I Am of good nature and you will find me where you seek me. You will see me where you look for me.

I Am the provider of all good things needed for your life.

I Am He who gives and takes away and now in this new season, I take away the heaviness of your toil.”

Then as I began to write the close of this email, He spoke again saying…

” And this is how I give and take away…

I give you life and take your death.

I give you faith and take away your doubt.

I give you peace and take your anxiety (and fear).

I give you love and cast away hatred.

I give you acceptance and take away insecurity.

I give you restoration and take away your scars.

I give you light and chase away the darkness.

I give you hope, and take away hopelessness.

I give you healing, and take away your infirmity.

I give you prosperity, and take away your poverty.

I give you inspiration and take away lethargy.

I give you joy and take your sadness.

I make all things new, I will restore you. I do not lie.


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Oh, my friends.. to have that fellowship with Him again; unobstructed by flesh and carnality. I am so encouraged in my spirit right now at all of these words spoken, but especially that He said: “He will restore what we had before the foundations of the earth!”

Think about the word restoration. It’s bringing something back to its original condition.

Let’s accept these promises from the Lord together…

The gifts and promises of God speak greatly about His loving nature. That’s why we give gifts, right? To show how we love someone. Oh, how He loves us! Take hold of all of these things by grace, through faith, in He that has spoken them. To God be the glory!

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