Tuesday, January 21, 2020
21 Day Devotional

Crying in the Dark

I felt the Lord lead me to re-share this word. I pray it falls on the ears of those who need the encouragement. Listen to hear, look to see :) Tonight, I saw and heard the Lord. I see Him through my wife and son. Such a small and beautiful circumstance revealed His love to me in a big way. Every little revelation of His love compounds His love within my heart. Just when I think I couldn't be more loved than this, He somehow adds more love within my being. Here's what happened... Mandi put Isaac, my two-year-old, to...
21 Day Devotional

All Things New

I heard the Spirit of Truth (who is Holy Spirit) say... "I am He that gives and takes away. I am restoring the innocence of my people and I am taking away many strong desires that war against the spirit. I am refining character and restoring childlike faith. I make all things new, I will restore you. I will restore you to what we had before the foundations of the earth. You are free indeed. I do not lie. Those who are bound in bitterness and offense, I am melting hearts like wax with my love. For those bound by wicked desires,...
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