Tuesday, March 31, 2020
21 Day Devotional

Crying in the Dark


I felt the Lord lead me to re-share this word. I pray it falls on the ears of those who need the encouragement. Listen to hear, look to see 🙂

Tonight, I saw and heard the Lord. I see Him through my wife and son. Such a small and beautiful circumstance revealed His love to me in a big way. Every little revelation of His love compounds His love within my heart. Just when I think I couldn’t be more loved than this, He somehow adds more love within my being.

Here’s what happened…

Mandi put Isaac, my two-year-old, to bed in his room before coming to bed. This was pretty normal except that the other boys, who normally sleep in there with him, were staying at Papas. After just 2 hours, Isaac woke up and began to cry. I noticed Mandi get up out of bed, but not sure why at this point, and I drifted back to sleep. I reawakened as she got back in bed, and I just asked a simple question…”What’s wrong?” (As she never just gets up).

She said, “Isaac woke up, and it was dark, so he didn’t know where he was and he got scared.”

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I threw my arm around her trying to cuddle and get back to sleep, all to find Mr. Isaac had invaded my space! 🙂 I’m sure some of you parents out there know this situation well. How could I complain? I mean, just look at him! He’s so cute. So, I accepted the situation and rolled over to go back to sleep.

Then I heard the Lord and became compelled by the Holy Spirit to share with you.

From Abba…

“Many of my beloved are scared and unsure about the shaking and the change that life is bringing in this season, wondering… where am I and how can this be? Crying in the dark, many are waking from moments of looking for something familiar or someone familiar, but not finding it. They’re looking for reassurance, but only finding themselves in situations where seemingly everything feels unstable and foreign.

As Mandi heard Isaac’s cry and came to rescue Him, I will hear them, and I will run to them when found crying out in the dark.

I will come and gather them up into my arms and swiftly into the shadow of my wing. In my shadow, there will always be found safety and peace, as I bring deep rest to their souls. I speak to my beloved now…

‘Cry out to me, and I will hear you and I will heal you. I will find you and I will restore your peace…every time you call me. Though there may not be an understanding…..

I understand. I see what cannot be seen. Though sometimes you feel abandoned, I will not abandon you. Come as a child, for I know the cries of my children, and I will come running to you. It is my nature to save you, as I am your Father and I love you.’”

James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and He will draw near unto you…”

The Lord knows every tear you’ve cried in the dark. Not one thing has slipped through His hands. He is in control, knows your pain, and always desires to touch you and express His love for you. I have to believe this word is for someone right now who is reading this. Just know that He loves you enough to rob me of my sleep, that night with Isaac, and compel me to share this with you. He knows I’m okay with that!

I am blessed to be a blessing. He loves us! Oh, how He loves us! Mandi, myself and my boys love and pray for you too.

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